Xocai has a cookie and protein bar that are excellent additions to get you through your day: Xpowerhouse Cookie – Facing the onslaught of unhealthy snack options, Xoçai™ has created the Powerhouse Cookie, a delicious, antioxidant-rich cookie that features Xoçai™'s premiere-grade chocolate, uses all-natural sweeteners, and provides a rich source of dietary fiber! I find that the cookie is a great meal replacement at lunch with a bottle of water… it keeps me going throughout the day!

Protein Bar – The Xoçai™ Protein Bar (38g) is the perfect low-calorie (140 calories), high-protein (10g), and high-fiber (5g) meal-on-the-go providing the necessary antioxidants, carbohydrates, and vitamins (25% DV) that our bodies need and only 4g of fat and 7g of sugar which comes from organic Agave syrup (glycemic index of only 27!). Whether you are looking for the recommended antioxidants, that extra energy, more protein, or to shed those excess pounds, the Xoçai™ Protein Bar, the Ultimate Antioxidant Bar, is the answer! The protein bar is great on the way to the gym. I eat it before hot yoga to get me through the 90 minute work out.

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